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Why HiLife supports PAT Dog and its heroic volunteers

For over ten years, we have supported the amazing charity, Pets As Therapy (PAT). The organisation has over 5,000 volunteers whose furry companions provide animal assisted therapy and bring joy, friendship and comfort to thousands of people.

Every year we sponsor the HiLife PAT Dog of the Year Award, where a shortlist of kind and heroic PAT Dogs is created and the winner is announced at Crufts.

The award is to support PAT Dog volunteers who take their gorgeous dogs to hospitals, schools, care homes and prisons across the country and in turn enhance the life of people suffering from various conditions, from confidence issues to mental and physical illnesses, health conditions and phobias.

As well as helping those with health conditions, Pets As Therapy also runs the excellent Read2Dogs scheme. This can help to support the literacy of children with an aim to help them to feel less self conscious when they read aloud, as these lovely dogs are considerate and non-judgmental.
Young people can become just as stressed and nervous as adults, especially when reading to others. But, when a PAT Dog enters the group, they often become less anxious and more confident and as a result they are more open to the idea of reading aloud.

We are incredibly proud that Pets as Therapy is our nominated charity. The team, its volunteers and their PAT Dogs, remain passionate about offering help, comfort and healing to those in a variety of different circumstances.

We are continually astounded by how many ways the charity meets the needs of the communities it serves. It is inspirational how these selfless dogs and their owners dedicate their time to those who are going through incredible stress and illness, and it is a pleasure to be involved with a charity that gives so much back.

We look forward to meeting the heroic dogs and their owners at Crufts 2017 and watch this space to hear their fantastic stories and see who wins this year’s HiLife PAT Dog of the Year 2017!

Pets As Therapy is an independently funded charity. For more information about them and their work, visit www.petsastherapy.org or call 01844 345 445.  For all the latest HiLife news, competitions and tips on caring for your pet, why not head over to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages! 

22 February 2017

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