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Wet or Dry Meal Times?

Most of us face a daily battle, trying to consume our five-a-day. Finding something wholesome and tasty to eat can be very demanding and it appears many people face a similar conundrum when it comes to feeding their cats. Knowing what’s best for a moggy’s health and whether to plump for a wet or dry dinner can be far from easy.

Out in the wild cats get all the nutrition they need by preying on small animals such as mice and birds. That’s all well and good in the great outdoors but the chances are that your cat, like millions of others in the UK, comes rolling home when he’s hungry and relies on you to provide sustenance.

While dogs are omnivorous and able to digest vegetable and animal proteins, cats are carnivores, which leaves them needing muscle-based meat in their diets. In theory felines can draw enough protein from eating plant material to survive, but they need the amino acid taurine that is commonly found in meat, if they are to really thrive.

Wet food with the primary ingredient of meat or fish is likely to provide a meal that fits perfectly with the dietary needs of the majority of cats, if their owners choose a brand synonymous with top quality ingredients. However, it’s worth noting that a poor quality wet food is less likely to provide as much nutritional goodness as a top quality meal.

Some people opt for dry cat food because it can work out cheaper than wet, doesn’t spoil as easily and tends not to smell too strongly after being left for a while at room temperature. Unfortunately carbohydrates feature prominently in dry food and the proteins that a cat craves naturally are not as prevalent as they tend to be in wet food.

HiLife’s tempt me! wet meal range provides excellent everyday nutrition for your cat. Each variety contains real fish or meat in jelly, gravy or sauce . It comes in easy to use pouches and contains natural ingredients, all-important taurine, plus a range of nutritional additives, including vitamins. We don’t use any of the artificial ingredients that your cat doesn’t need which is why the range continues to attract rave reviews from pet owners.

tempt me! is the simple answer to the wet or dry question!

25 March 2015

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