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Valentine's Day tips your pet will love

Valentine's Day is almost upon us and, if you’re lucky, you’ll be looking forward to that special gift from your loved one.

But while those beautiful roses or that yummy box of chocolates might put a love-struck smile on your face, your dog or cat may not be so grateful.

While beautiful roses are always well received on Valentine's Day, pesky thorns can be harmful to your pet if chewed, swallowed or stepped upon. Thorns can easily fall to the ground when you’re arranging your roses so make sure you keep your pet away from the area and, once they’re in the vase, keep them out of reach of inquisitive noses.

And it’s not just roses you need to be wary of. The aroma from your floral arrangement may be enticing for your dog or cat but it can only take a nibble to cause a severe reaction. Even small amounts may lead to cases of upset stomachs or vomiting, particularly if the flower is toxic. Be extremely careful if your arrangement contains lilies, as these make look and smell lovely but they are fatally poisonous to cats.

When it comes to chocolate, treating your pet to a bite should be a definite no no. It may be delicious but it typically contains fat and caffeine-like substances known as methylxanthines, which can be very dangerous for your cat or dog. Possible symptoms can include vomiting and diarrhea, panting, excessive thirst and urination, hyperactivity, abnormal heart rhythm, tremors, seizures and even death in some cases.

Finally, if you’re thinking of giving that special someone a new kitten or puppy to melt their heart on Valentine’s Day, think long and hard…

Yes, they may be cute and cuddly, but bringing an animal into your lives is a big decision. Animals are not disposable, nor can they be repackaged and returned once the novelty wears off.

So, how can you show your pet you love them on this special day? Why not treat them to a delicious, healthy supper with our HiLife Spoil Me! and Indulge Me! ranges? They’ll love you for it!

So there you have it. Simple ways to make sure the whole household has a happy Valentine’s Day.


12 February 2014

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