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Thinking of a mealtime switch?

There are a number of triggers for needing or wanting to change your cat’s diet. Your cat might have a medical condition, be getting long in the tooth or even have a new companion who enjoys other foods. Equally, you could simply want a food that’s easier to dispense, less offensive on the senses or available online.

When the time comes to make a dietary change, you want to get it right. Switching from one brand to another can be tricky but there are a few simple steps that you can use to make it easier for both your and your pet.

Begin any transition by mixing the new cat food with the old type, and then gradually increase the ratio of new to old over the course of ten days. This steady shift away from your cat’s existing fare should reduce the likelihood of it developing digestive issues and greater acceptance of a new offering.

Adopting a ten-day plan will also make it easier to keep track of how much of each food to measure out. Begin by providing the new food as 10% of the total feed on day one and increase it by a further 10% each day, until the change is complete.

The switch could take longer for cats with underlying health issues, older cats or those that are choosy about what they eat. If your vet has recommended different food in order to combat gastrointestinal issues, or if you are in any doubt about how to feed your pet, contact them for extra advice before you try to change their diet.

As a rule of thumb, kittens should graduate to adult food at around 12 months old.  Our HiLife Indulge Me! range is a very popular choice. It comes in a range of tasty varieties and is available from many leading pet stores.

It’s important for older moggies (around seven years upwards) to move to a specially formulated diet, too. This helps them better receive and absorb the particular nutrients that they need more of, as they get older. Our HiLife tempt me! Senior Chicken Terrines contain easily digestible natural ingredients, with delicious real meat and fish oils, that produce a shiny coat and a happy eater. 

4 February 2015

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