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Spotting the tell "tail" signs of travel sickness in dogs

When possible, it’s always great to take the dogs on a road trip or to the seaside. But just like humans, not all dogs are great when it comes to coping with long journeys and in particular, suffering with motion sickness.

So, it’s handy to know the signs of travel sickness in your pooch, to help you remedy the sickness and prevent the symptoms before it becomes too late.

Firstly, it’s worth noting, especially if you have a new puppy, that younger dogs are more likely to suffer with travel sickness. This is due to the stage of development within their ears that are crucial to balance.

Motion sickness isn’t as straight-forward as your dog simply throwing up on your backseats, it can also manifest in other ways, which are ultimately all unpleasant experiences for your dog.

To help you out before your journey, here’s some signs to keep an eye out for:
• Not moving and appearing to be quieter than usual.
• Showing disinterest in their surroundings or things that are going on.
• A lot of yawning and panting.
• Whimpering and whining.
• Excessive drooling.

Also, of course, vomiting. But as seen above, a lot of the signs for motion sickness are similar to those with humans in terms of salivating and feeling disinterested.

It’s important to remedy motion sickness in pups as soon as you can. An unpleasant experience just once for your dog can make travelling synonymous with being sick and not feeling well, which means no more playing fetch on the beach!

Winding down the windows and putting on the air conditioning to make the car cooler will help. Ensuring that your dog is facing forward so they can see where you’re going will prevent disorientation, but be sure to make sure your dog is strapped in safely!

Try to provide a distraction like a toy or a dog chew and attempt to limit food and drink consumption just before the journey. If you can, have someone sitting with your dog to soothe and put them at ease.

The guys at Your Dog Holidays suggest a popular home remedy to counteract sickness - Ginger in the form of root ginger capsules or ginger biscuits made with real ginger have apparently worked a treat for some.

Finally, ensure you plan rest breaks along the journey to give your dog the opportunity to stretch their legs and get some fresh air. The aim with preventing travel sickness is to ensure that your dog will travel again without fear of feeling ill.

Have you had any experiences with travel sickness or any home remedies? Let us know on Facebook and on Twitter.

16 August 2017

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