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Scary Cats & Dogs

We love our pets but in the spirit of Halloween we thought we’d have a look at some cats and dogs that have scared the living daylights out of us in the past. Here’s some spooky felines – look out for the canine spooks in our next Halloween blog.

Mr Bigglesworth
Dr Evil’s cat from Austin Powers is based on Blofeld’s cat from the James Bond films. We love the way that sitting in a chair stroking an imposing looking cat, can ignite the feeling of evil straight away. Forget Number Two, Goldmember, Frau Farbissina and Mini-Me! Mr Bigglesworth is by far the best evil sidekick in the movie.

Church the freaky cat from Pet Semetery
Who remembers the beautiful British Blue cat Church from Pet Semetary, the film based on Stephen King’s novel? Church gets run over, buried and then returns the next day smelling foul and savagely hunting mice and birds. Did you know that this cat was actually based on a personal experience of Stephen King? He too lived near a pet cemetery where his daughter buried her cat Smucky who died on the busy road outside their house…creepy.

Gideon from Disney’s Pinnochio
OK so Gideon on his own isn’t particularly scary – his dialogue is built of hiccups and then he just nods a lot. But he is a villain in quite possible the creepiest Disney film ever. Pinnochio, which was created in 1940, has incredibly dark undertones (kidnapped children smoking cigars and turning into donkeys and Geppetto being swallowed by a whale are just as a few examples). Nightmare inducing and not a bad shout for a creepy Halloween film night.

Tom from Tom and Jerry
Jerry the Mouse is super cute, Tom does everything he can to try and kill the poor little cartoon rodent, enough said!

Jonesy from Alien

Ellen Ripley’s Ginger Tom, Jonesy, who was kept aboard the USCSS Nostromo and put into Cryo-Sleep with her in the film Alien was surprisingly uninteresting to the alien. He was also instrumental in luring one of the characters, Brett, to his untimely alien-inflicted death. We think this is all a bit too suspect and Jonesy should definitely be exposed as the scary puss that he is. 

Tab the Cat from Watership Down.
The Farmer’s cat who lives in Nuthanger Farm is terrifying and enjoys taunting the rabbits. This film has given many a child bad dreams and the evil feline is enough to make you leave the light on for weeks!

Got any scary Halloween pics of your cat or have a favourite spooky cat character? Share them with us on Facebook and Twitter

18 October 2016

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