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Scary Cats & Dogs part 2!

Following on from our scary cat blog written in honour of Halloween, we thought it would only be right to remember the spooky dogs out there. Here is a rundown of our favourite canine creepers that scare the living daylights out of us and are great for a spine-chilling movie night.

“Nothing that lives in the imagination is more frightening than the terror that lives in Castlerock, Maine”
Get the pillow ready to hold up if you are watching this movie on Halloween. Cujo a 200-pound Saint Bernard from the Stephen King novel and the movie of the same name is probably up there with the scariest of dogs. He contracts cryptic bat rabies and terrorises the residents of Castlerock. Not one to watch alone!
“Now there’s a new name for terror….Cujo!”

A Tim Burton take on Frankenstein. When young Victor’s much-loved pup Sparky dies in a tragic accident, he jolts him back to life in a science experiment. All is well until Victor’s friends resurrect their own creepy pets with monstrous consequences – a great one for the kids.

One of the meanest characters ever, Bill Sikes, appears in Charles Dickens’ novel Oliver Twist and becomes even nastier when you meet his evil Bull Terrior, Bullseye. Bullseye adds to the fear of baddy Sikes and is so devoted to his villainous owner that he even kills himself by jumping off the roof after Sikes, and smashing his head on the rocks – dark, very dark.

One of our favourites, Muttley, makes up one half of the duo of bumbling villains with his accident-prone owner Dick Dastardly in Hannah-Barbera’s Wacky Races. We secretly love Muttley and his mischievous laugh often at Dastardly’s expense. We like to think he’s just a bit naughty rather than a real meanie.

The Terror Dogs from the Ghostbusters
The demonic hellhounds that make up the Terror Dogs are not so much dogs but more monsters with canine attributes. With their huge horns, glaring blood-red eyes, sharp claws and teeth and monstrous size, they are up there with the most famous evil dogs. The two main dogs Zuul and Vinz Clortho possessed the gate-keeper and the key-master to summon their evil master Gozer into our dimension – blinking nail bitingly scary!

Have you got any scary Halloween pics of your dog or do you have a favourite spooky canine character? Share them with us on Facebook and Twitter

25 October 2016

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