Our pets love their Hilife - we hope yours do to!


Santa "Paws" is coming to town

The Christmas countdown is on and as a nation of pet lovers, you festive bunch are including your kitties and pooches in the festivities more than ever before.

We asked you some Christmassy questions on our social media channels and you revealed all. The results showed that 79% of HiLife Dog and Cat owners would include their pets in a Christmas card, showing that they really are a part of the family.

We also asked how much you spend on your pets, and found 65% would spend at least £10, with some opting to spoil their furry friends a lot more.

It is clear that Christmas has become an event to treat not just the people in our lives, but our cats and dogs alike.

Presents, cards and Christmas dinner are all becoming just as important to our pets on Christmas Day as they are to us, and who can blame them? Christmas is great!

With so much love for our pets, the market for Christmas pet gifts doesn’t look set to slow down, as we continue to embrace our furry friends in the Christmas spirit.

So, to help you out, here’s our favourite top five gifts for them this year:     

1 - iFetch - The automatic ball launcher for dogs. Watch your dog eagerly anticipate the release of the ball from the machine, once they have dropped it in the top. 

2 - Woof Washer 360 - Is your dog scared of the bath? No worries, the woof washer is the solution for you and your pup.
3 - Frolicat Bolt - Hours of fun await your cat with this interactive laser pointer. Working with an in-built timer, it will keep your cat entertained for hours. Warning: Do not shine into eyes as this may lead to injury!

4 - Pawsecco - Wash down that tasty HiLife Christmas dinner with a tipple of Pawsecco, in flavours Pet-House White and Pet-House Rosé, so you and your pets can really live the ‘HiLife’ this Christmas Day, after feasting on Chicken Breast with Carrots & Peas dogs, and Chicken Dinner for cats

Tell us what you’ll be treating your pets to this Christmas over on our Instagram page or Facebook Dog or Cat, and Twitter Dog or Cat pages.

5 December 2017

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