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Pampered Pets Set for Christmas Cracker

Many of us openly admit to placing our fury friends at the top of the Christmas gift list, but it might come as a surprise to discover just how much some people will spend on their pets this year.

Research* shows that owners often lavish over £100 on their animal companions during the festive season. Indeed, many adoring types think it’s nothing out of the ordinary to place cats and dogs well ahead of family on the Christmas present budget charts.

Six per cent of owners said they plan to spend more money on pets this Christmas than they do their family and nine per cent indicated that they are looking forward to spending more time with their pet than their relatives. Unsurprisingly, over two-thirds of respondents said they would be buying a gift for their cat or dog.

Top regions, ranked by average Christmas spend on pets:

1. South West – £76.29 (average amount people living in this region plan to spend on Christmas gifts for their pets)
2. North East – £71.44
3. Wales – £69.08
4. East of England – £62.57
5. London – £47.12
6. North West – £47.03
7. Scotland – £35.93
8. South East – £26.11
9. West Midlands – £22.80
10. Northern Ireland – £18.19
11. Yorkshire & the Humberside – £11.64
12. East Midlands – £7.82

Clearly there are plenty of generous pet lovers around and not just in the South West. So that leaves the eternal gift question: what are you going to buy them? Toys (61%) are the most likely purchase among the survey respondents, closely followed by a new bed (43%) and a festive stocking (40%).

Visit www.petplanet.co.uk for a number of inexpensive choices, or www.notonthehighstreet.com/gifts/shop-by-recipient/for-pets for personalised alternatives. Their sites feature staples such as bowls, collars and coats, along with a few rare examples, such as cat playhouses, neckerchiefs and quilted blankets. Alternatively, you might want to pick up one of the many cat and dog treats from HiLife. There are lots of tasty wholesome gift choices starting at less than £5.

Please be mindful if you’re choosing a food based gift for your pet and make sure that it is suitable for them. For example chocolate made for us can be harmful for your pets. Take a look at our previous blog for foods commonly consumed by humans, which can be shared with pets at Christmas.

*Research conducted among 2,891 pet owners on behalf of www.vouchercodespro.co.uk

23 December 2014

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