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New beginnings for your pet and you!

With the start of the New Year many of us might be thinking about how we can improve ourselves during the next 12 months. Be it a concerted effort to stop smoking, lose weight or find a new job in 2015, we could probably make ourselves just a little happier by doing something positive for our dog or cat at the same time.

Taking just a few minutes to devise a couple of resolutions may bring untold benefits to your fury little friend. Doing more for your pet will reward you psychologically and seeing through some promises, such as taking more exercise, may be mutually beneficial.

If you and your pooch haven’t done enough walking recently, spending more time together outdoors may be in order. You might want to cut down on calories too if either of you is carrying more timber than you wish. To prevent weight gain why not measure your dog or cat’s food at dinnertime with a scale and cup rather than gauging quantities with the human eye? This is usually unreliable and can lead to overfeeding, as we’d rather dish up portions that are too big than too small.

Joining a walking or rambling group, a dog agility class or simply playing ball in the park may see you both enjoy a healthier and happier new year.

If your new year’s resolution commitment lies solely with helping your pet, why not check their identification tag to ensure it’s legible, so they can be easily returned if lost. With the same purpose in mind, consider whether you need to update the contact telephone number that is synchronised with their microchip and is held on a national database.

Taking your feline or canine to a vet is a good idea if they’ve not had a health check for a while or they need vaccinating. Check-ups are often essential in the early detection of medical conditions such as arthritis and diabetes, while vaccinations are a great way to prevent harmful diseases.

Resolutions can be fun too. Try teaching you cat or dog some new tricks or simply set more time aside for play. Get the brushes out and give them a quick once over on a frequent basis. Grooming is a great way to relax your pet and bond with them during the year ahead.

*Always consult your doctor before changing your exercise regime and consult a vet if your dog is overweight and you’re looking to walk them more.

30 December 2014

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