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Mad dogs and englishmen

Now we are seeing the weather temperatures rising, it is worth remembering that our pets need to be safe during heatwaves and other summer-based surprises. Here are some things to look out for in the sunshine:

Flower power
Parks and gardens look stunning and colorful in the summer but it’s worth noting what plants your dog is rolling around in. Azaleas for instance can be toxic for cats and dogs and lilies can cause acute kidney failure for your cats. Plant food can also be extremely harmful if eaten and it would be preferable to use compost instead if you have animals sitting around.

Playing it cool
On hot days it is wiser to walk your dogs in the mornings and evenings, avoiding the times when the sun is at its hottest (usually between 1 and 4pm). Even outside of these times it can get hot enough for your dog to suffer from heat exhaustion or burn the pads on their feet.

If your pooch is showing signs of stress in the sun such as heavy panting, wobbly legs and thick drool then take them somewhere cool and ease them back into a comfortable temperature by patting them with a damp towel. If they show no signs of making a quick recovery then take them to the vet asap. When indoors keep them in areas out of the direct sun and if you have fans or air conditioning then keep these on even after you go out.

Causing a splash
There is nothing better than a swim or a good old fashioned water fight on a sunny day. You’ll find that dogs usually love to get involved so just make sure that you take precautions so that they can have as much fun as possible without getting hurt.

For those pups who like swimming and the open water, why not consider a high vis jacket so that you can spot them more easily? If they are swimming in open water, keep a look out for any areas that may have strong currents or riptides. Avoid lakes with algae in which can make your dog sick if swallowed and keep an eye out constantly when near any body of deep water.

First Aid Kit
Have a summer first aid kit handy for any eventuality, on top of the usual medical items it’s a good idea to include an SPF for your dog, aloe vera for any sunburns they may get, baking soda to add to water to bathe any bee stings and pet-friendly insect repellants, your vet can advise you on the safest ones to use.

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3 August 2016

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