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Lifes a Picnic!

It’s summer, and it’s time to get out the picnic blanket, the egg and cress sandwiches and the jam tarts. Of course, no picnic is worth having if you don’t have your much-loved dog to hang out with. Dogs love picnics as much as we do but there are a few things you need to be mindful of when making preparations. Here are some helpful tips on how to have the perfect picnic for you and your pooch.

Something shady
Make sure you pick a picnic spot where your dog can enjoy the shade if needs be. Dogs love a good sunbathe but can be prone to heat stroke. If it’s really warm, dogs can get a lot thirstier so don’t forget to take enough water for them to drink. If there is water nearby where they can go for a swim, make sure that they don’t go too far out as reeds or a strong current can pull them under.

Can you do my back?
Dogs, like us, can get sunburn, especially those with light coloured coats. Overexposure to the sun can increase the risk of your dog getting skin cancer. To find out about suncream talk to your local vet. Apply their sunscreen liberally and frequently – and don’t forget yourselves!

Sitting in the backseat
Sometimes on a hot day when you just want to chill out, it could be tempting to leave the dog in the car while you tuck into your scotch eggs, don’t! The sun can give your dog heat stroke and they could suffocate, cars heat up quickly when not in the shade. If you are planning to leave them in the car it is better to keep them at home.

Hands off my picnic!
Your dog may be at your picnic but make sure you don’t share the wrong foods. We know you don’t fancy snacking into dried dog treats and in the same way snacks such as chocolate, grapes and raisins can be poisonous for dogs. Some sugar substitutes such as Xylitol are also poisonous for dogs and can usually be found in food items such as baked goods and mint flavoured food.

Crash bang wallop
A good picnic can end up with some celebratory fireworks, which can be really scary for dogs. Read our blog here on what to do when you are expecting to be at an event with a lot of fireworks. Be aware of this and if there are a lot of fireworks it may be better to leave early before it gets dark or leave your dog at home.

Bad bones
If you’re tucking into a chicken leg don’t be too generous with your dog, who will be sniffing around it like – well, like a dog around a chicken bone. If your dog accidentally swallows a large bone, it can get stuck in their throat and require surgery or worse choke them.

Enjoy yourselves!
Rules aside, picnics are a time to be enjoyed. Bring lots of fun toys and delicious foods and have a ball, because after all, life’s a picnic! Just make sure your dog knows which picnic they are a guest at, it has been known for a dog to gatecrash other picnics and run off with cake, sandwiches and other picnic delights.

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9 August 2016

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