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Kind hearted pet food brand donates to foodbank this Christmas

We believe that Christmas is the perfect time to think about how we can make a difference, and this year we decided to see whether we could help pets less fortunate than our own.

We were so delighted when we came across the Trussell Trust, that not only operates a foodbank network for people needing support, it also collects donations for their cats and dogs.

The trust aims to prevent hunger for individuals and families who are struggling to afford to buy food for themselves. It does this by partnering with local communities and churches in the UK to provide a minimum of three days’ emergency food and support to people experiencing a crisis, through its network of 44 foodbanks.

In the UK, over thirteen million people live below the poverty line. In the last year alone, the Trussell Trust gave three-day emergency food supplies to over a million people in crisis, and it currently has over 40,000 volunteers, who are also able to provide support, advice or just a listening ear, to people in crisis.

The charity recognises that many families who need to use foodbanks this Christmas have pets at home as part of their family, too. As 

Christmas approaches, money gets tighter for many of us but for those who are already cash-strapped, there may be a need to rely on donations and the kindness of others, in order to provide Christmas for their families and much-loved pets.

Last year, the Trussell Trust experienced a 47 per cent increase in demand for three-day emergency supplies in December compared to the monthly average for the rest of the year.

With recent statistics from Nationwide Home Insurance finding that in the first year of owning a cat, the average owner spends £2,455, while dog owners spend almost double, at £4,791, it is not hard to see how providing for a pet can be difficult when finances are tight.

To help, we donated over 100 cases of HiLife pet food to the Trussell Trust Leicester South foodbank at the Kings Centre, Wigston, in the hope that it will keep pets and owners together through tough times. 

We believe that Christmas is all about bringing families together, and we sincerely hope that our donations will help to prevent animals from being forced into shelters through lack of food and finances.

For more information about the Trussell Trust, or to find out how to make your own donation, visit http://www.trusselltrust.org/


19 December 2017

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