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Keeping your pet happy and healthy in 2018

You may well have thought of some New Year’s resolutions for yourself, but have you considered what you can change for your pet to ensure that they are looking and feeling the best that they can in 2018?

Here are some tips and ideas, to help you make sure your pet is happy and healthy for the year ahead.

1. Put them through their paces

Are you giving your pets enough opportunities to exercise within their daily routine? As we all know, animals need regular exercise to stay healthy. If you struggle to get out daily with your dog, why not consider signing up to a pet sharing service such as borrowmydoggy.com, where you could find someone local to take your dog out for walks.

You can help your cat to get more active by appealing to its predatory instinct. Catnip toys, climbable cat trees and lasers (when used safely) can all get them engaged in some essential exercise, and it’s so fun to watch them dashing round the room!

2. Nurturing their gnashers

It’s important to maintain your pet’s oral health, and there are lots of ways you can do this. There are specialist toothbrushes and toothpastes for both dogs and cats – our friends at Medicanimal have a great range on offer.

You could also try treats that reduce plaque – here at HiLife we have a good selection, or you can even try water additives. Even with all of these aids, don’t forget to get your pet’s teeth regularly cleaned by a licensed vet to keep their teeth in mint condition.

3. Measure before they munch

As you may know from personal experience, if you fail to follow the daily recommended guidelines for food, weight can begin to creep up. It is no different for your dog or cat, so always ensure you check the packaging for the ideal portion size and meal frequency for your pet.

Pay attention to the age and health of your pet too – younger dogs may have additional energy needs, whilst older pets with health conditions may benefit from a special formulation.

4. Visit your vet

If you don’t already make an annual trip to the vet with your pet, make it a resolution to get a date in the diary to do so.

A yearly examination from a professional can help detect issues such as arthritis, diabetes or obesity in the early stages when they are much more easy to manage. They are also a fount of knowledge to provide you with ideas to manage other issues you may be experiencing, such as with behaviour.

5. Bring out the brush

Regular grooming helps distribute oils from your pet’s skin to their fur, which helps their coat stay shiny and healthy.

It also has some great additional benefits. It’s a fabulous way to bond with your dog or cat, and it removes their excess fur, making it less likely to end up on your furniture, clothes and carpet – a big plus in our book!

What will your new year’s resolution for your pet be? Share your ideas with us at facebook.com/hilifecat or hilifedog, Twitter@hilifecat or hilifedog instagram.com/hilifepets/


10 January 2018

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