Our pets love their Hilife - we hope yours do to!


It's snowing cats and dogs!

Have you planned what you’re getting your much loved pets this Christmas? Ask around and owners will say that, much like a lively toddler, the best thing you can give them is the box a present came in!
We are a nation of animal lovers, with research from the RSPCA revealing that we shell out more than £300million on presents for our pampered pets.

Everyone has got fond memories of being slumped in front of the TV, full of turkey while watching the dog dart from one end of the room to the other with its new best friend: The Box! Failing that, just let them sit under the table at Christmas dinner and feed them some luxury festive scraps (please see our blog on food to avoid and keeping your pets safe this Christmas).

So, box and scraps aside, what else can we give our pets this Christmas? Here are just a few ideas:
1. HiLIfe seasonal treats. Of course we couldn’t mention luxury gifts without talking about our delicious Chews Day range for dogs. The delectable range includes a drumstick shape seasonal chew, limited edition bone with turkey and cranberry and Chews Day Best of British breeds filled with turkey, which all make perfect festive stocking fillers.

2. Cats love a good scratch, especially after having lounged around all day! A scratching post is an ideal treat for whiling the winter hours away and keeping out of the snow.

3. Mobile – We’re not talking about a cell-phone for your feline friend, although anything’s possible nowadays! We’re talking about the sort of mobile that you would hang above a crib. The dangling objects on a mobile will provide easy entertainment and hours of fun for your cat.

4. Toy mouse or other cuddly toy – don’t we all just love a good cuddly toy?

5. Self warming bed – much like your grandma loves her electric blanket at Christmas. In this horrid cold weather a self-warming bed is the next best thing for our pets to keep warm this winter.

6. Luxury collar – for those pets that like a bit of bling! Designer dog collars go down just as well at the local park as they do on Park Avenue.
Whatever presents you buy, let’s face it all they really want is a hug. It’s easy to let Christmas stress us out with so much to do but don’t forget who always greets us after a hard day at work or with the in-laws!

Merry Christmas!

16 December 2015

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