Our pets love their Hilife - we hope yours do to!


Introducing HiLifePet on Instagram and Pinterest

We’re delighted to tell you that we’ve furthered our journey into social media with the launch of brand new HiLifePet on Instagram and Pinterest.

After some great feedback and interaction from our fans and followers on our Facebook and Twitter pages @HiLifeDog and @HiLifeCat, we thought it was time to introduce them, let them be friends and allow them to share the limelight.

So far, they’re behaving themselves…

We’re already picking up lots of interest, likes and followers and discovering even more wonderful photos of much-loved dogs and cats to share.

Our Pinterest boards include topics such as ‘Celebrity Pets’, ‘Dogs on Holiday’ and ‘Cats in Bags’. If you have any suggestions for boards for us, please do let us know.

If you’re not already part of our online community, what are you waiting for? Here are all the links you’ll need:

HiLifePet – Instagram

HiLifePet – Pinterest

HiLifeDog – Twitter

HiLifeDog – Facebook

HiLifeCat – Twitter

HiLifeCat - Facebook

And don’t forget, your own cats and dogs can easily achieve HiLife status if you simply send your posh pics to helen@tankpr.co.uk or tweet them to @HiLifeCat or @HiLifeDog telling us why you think your pet is a cut above the rest.

8 July 2014

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