Our pets love their Hilife - we hope yours do to!


Introducing HiLifeCat

We plunged into the exciting and fast-moving world of social media recently with the launch of our HiLifeCat campaign on Twitter and Facebook.

HiLifeCat is a meeting place for classy cats and fashionable felines who are a cut above the rest. Launched in October 2013, the Twitter campaign has, in particular, been a great success, attracting almost 1700 followers in just a few months.

The interaction with our followers has been really positive, with people sending in some great photos of their beloved cats for us to share.

Our ’12 Cats of Christmas’ competition really caught on and, in the run up to Christmas Eve, 12 lucky winners scooped some tasty HiLife cat food by simply re-tweeting our festive cat photos.

We’re also sharing stories about cats in the news, helpful advice pieces, insights into cat psychology, funny videos and even spreading the word about missing moggies to help bring them home to worried owners.

We love receiving our followers’ photos and are constantly amazed by how much people adore and spoil their cats – not to mention what they dress them up in! We even had a cat dressed up as a bee!   And their owners are really very competitive too! Like proud parents… Recently we posted a photo of a fabulous feline with a very pink nose and the caption “I’m a HiLifeCat because I have the pinkest of noses.” Suddenly we were inundated with photos and vigorous claims of “No, MY cat’s nose is the pinkest!” We can feel a pink ‘nose-off’ coming on…

If you’re not already part of our HiLifeCat community, what are you waiting for? Your cat doesn’t have to be posh to be a HiLifeCat. Simply send your pics to dan@tankpr.co.uk or tweet them to @HiLifeCat telling us why you think your cat is a cut above the rest.

Twitter - https://twitter.com/HiLifeCat

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/hilifecat

What? You don’t like cats?? Well then look out for HiLifeDog on facebook or @HiLifeDog on twitter https://twitter.com/HiLifeDog which is coming soon.

5 February 2014

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