Our pets love their Hilife - we hope yours do to!


How your pet shows you they love you

Valentine’s Day is all about dishing out the love and who can blame us for bestowing a lot of that on our much-loved cats and dogs? But how do our pets show us they love us? Here are some tell-tale signs to watch out for:

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
It’s such a lovely feeling when you come home, after a really rubbish day, to see your dog at the door waiting for hugs and attention. It’s also heart wrenching when you leave for work and your dog starts whimpering. It’s not just our canine friends that do this; cats also wait at the door for their owner to return. We like to think it’s for love and affection, rather than waiting to be fed!

Me and my shadow
We all know that dogs love to follow us around, jumping up, getting into bed with us and generally becoming our shadow. Cats tend to do the same, leaping in our laps (or on our bellies, or on our heads!) when the TV is on. They even sit next to us when we are in the bathroom taking a bath, or worse still, when we are on the loo!

All the feels
Does your cat love to knead you sometimes like a piece of plasticine? Apparently, this stems from when it was a little kitten and was stimulating its mother’s milk supply (so it either tells you it sees you as its mum or it’s hungry). Cats also love to tap you, nudge you and lick you - if that isn’t love then what is? Dogs are even more affectionate, they are big nose rubbers (so cute), lickers and love a good cuddle.

Hands off!
Pets can get very jealous and very protective. There are lots of stories about how dogs have put themselves in between their owners and danger. And both cats and dogs can get suspicious when there is someone new in the home – a great one for vetting dodgy first dates!

Jump! For your love
When receiving affection, cats and dogs are prone to jumping up and it can really knock the wind out of you - especially if you have a big dog! There are lots of tips online on how you can train your dog to not jump up at you or your visitors such as these from our old friend Victoria Stilwell. Cats can even show their affection by head-butting you (known as bunting) but don’t fret – they see this as a sign of their love by depositing their pheromones on you.

Your purrfect Valentine gift
Pets sometimes like to bring gifts to their loved ones, although exactly what you get can differ. Dogs will just keep bringing you their toys or balls. They may even steal your things like this pesky pup! It makes them feel close to you and can show they miss you. Cats are even more creative and can bring you such delights as dead frogs, insects and mice.

Cool cats can be warm
Cats can sometimes get a bad rep for being cold and stand-offish, but there are so many little things you can look out for that really show they love you. Slow blinks communicate affection and are the ultimate sign of trust. Why not mirror this to show your kitty that you are to be trusted. Cats make direct eye contact with people they really like. Meowing can be a way of them telling you they love you. And if they show you their belly, then you are friends for life – they really do trust you. Ahhh – the perfect partner!

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9 February 2018

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