Our pets love their Hilife - we hope yours do to!


HiLife Chats to Cats

If you’re a cat lover, you may have visited our new friends over at www.CatChat.org.

Cat Chat is a web-based charity that finds loving, permanent homes for over 5,000 unwanted and abandoned cats every year.

Through its ‘Virtual Cat Shelters’, the charity works with rescue centres of all sizes across the UK and Ireland. It also helps vet practices to find homes for cats left in their care.

We are delighted to support Cat Chat by sponsoring the ‘Overlooked Cats’ section of the website. These pages enable visitors to search for unwanted cats in their area in the hope of finding them a new home.

You simply click on the interactive map and you’ll find a list of all your local rescue centres along with information about every cat or kitten available for adoption. It’s as easy as that!

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Cat Chat and begin the search for your new furry friend.

And, while you’re there, why not give our banner a click and join us on Facebook and Twitter?

20 May 2014

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