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Feline Festive: Our Christmas Gift Guide for Cats

With only a couple of weeks until the big day, you may be worried that time is running out to pick the perfect present for your favourite feline friend this festive season.

Fear not, as here at HiLife we have put together a rundown of the best gift ideas we have come across. They’ll make your cat feel like she has really got the cream this Christmas!

Sprouts are an age-old Christmas tradition, and why should your cat miss out? She should be significantly more interested in this version than the festive green veg, however, as they are filled with premium quality Canadian Catnip. Catnip Sprouts, £20 for three, notonthehighstreet.com.

If you struggle to hear your cat when she meows at your door to be let in,

then she needs the cat doorbell in her life! The kit contains two parts; a motion detecting sensor, and a receiver with several doorbell sound settings. Just station the motion detector where your cat normally waits to come in and you’ll never need to worry that she’s stuck outside in the rain again!
Cat Doorbell, £23.99, from gifts.co.uk.

Dying to give your marvellous moggy a tasty treat this Christmas? Well we’ve got something that your kitty will love. HiLife Indulge Me! Treats are bite sized pieces of real meat that are gently freeze dried and additive free”….They come in either Chicken Breast or Duck Breast recipes.
If you’re like us, you’ll love making your Christmas dinner table look just so. Now you can give your cat’s corner the same treatment and lay a feast fit for a queen. We love this smart fish shaped slate cat food mat - Kitty’s name and your message can even be laser etched on the slate to give it a really personal touch.
Personalised Slate Fish Cat Food Mat, £24.99, ijustloveit.co.uk.

Most cats act like they rule the roost, so why not buy her a kitty castle for her to really lord it up in! The Toskana Cat House is a two-tiered structure with an enclosed ground floor complete with a cosy, upholstered cushion for your cat to get comfy on. There are two sisal poles for stretching or scratching, and little steps up to the first floor terrace. The roof has been weather proofed with bitumen and the wood has been treated, making this versatile cat house suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Purrfect! Toskana Cat House, £99.99, Cattree.uk.

We hope our list has inspired you to make it a great Christmas with your cat. We’d love to see photos of videos of your cat with their favourite Christmas gift. Share them with us on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

13 December 2016

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