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Ensure your pets have an egg-cellent Easter!

This time of year we all get a spring in our step at HiLife! The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and let’s not forget the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Days off work, family meals, and masses of chocolate to eat! Before you get in the mood for your mini break it’s important to take stock of the potential dangers your pet may face at this time of year.

Thankfully it’s now pretty widely known that chocolate is toxic to dogs, but did you know it is also poisonous to cats? Cats don’t tend to eat it as often, as they’re not normally as inquisitive about human food as dogs, but it’s still a good idea to keep any chocolate where they can’t get to it. If you are doing an Easter egg hunt keep track of the number of eggs you hide, so you can check they are all found and none are left lying around.

With the abundance of hot cross buns and simnel cake around there is also another potential hazard to our canine friends. Raisins and sultanas (which are key ingredients in both these dishes) are toxic to dogs and any item that contains them should be kept out of their reach.

If you do want to give your pet something special to eat, give them an animal-friendly treat instead. You could even do a special hunt for your dog after the egg hunt is over and hide dog treats around your garden. Please note: If this is something you do want to do, please remember to adjust the total amount of food you feed your pet to take into account the calories within the treats.

It’s also important to remember that bits of wrapping, coloured foil, popped balloons and Easter decorations can be tempting play-things for pets. All can potentially be eaten and create blockages in the intestines, so keep them out of the way.

Some of the plants popular at this time of year can also be dangerous to your furry little friends. The Easter Lily, as well as many other types of lily, are deadly to cats; even when only a small part is ingested. Cats Protection warn that swift veterinary action is the only way to combat the toxins once eaten. Daffodil bulbs are harmful to dogs, so pay attention if you see them digging and make sure they don’t unearth or eat them.

If you’re organising a busy family meal or an Easter egg hunt for the kids, spare a quick thought for your pet. The familiar chaos of a get-together with loved ones may be fun for you, but it can be overwhelming for animals. Make sure they have a quiet space to retreat to if it gets too much or shut them away in a separate part of the house. Don’t forget to make sure they have food, water and some toys with them, so they can relax too.

Fingers crossed for a nice relaxing Easter surrounded by those you love, without any trips to the emergency vet. Now we just need the weather to hold out!

We’d love to see some pictures of your pets enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend. For those of you with feline friends share them on facebook.com/hilifecat or Twitter @hilifecat, and the dogs lovers can share them on facebook.com/hilifedog or Twitter @hilifedog.

14 April 2017

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