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Double Trouble or Twice the Fun?

If you’ve only got the one dog and you’re not feeding and watering Orthrus, the two-headed hound of Greek mythology, you might be wondering what it would be like to have two happy, little canine faces around the place.

Dogs bring unbounded loyalty and the benefits to our emotional wellbeing are well documented, so having two dogs has to be better than one, right? Another friend to love and care for and to share your life with must be a good thing. Well, it’s not that straightforward. If you are giving careful consideration to bringing another pet into your home, don’t rush in.

Food, bedding, leads, bowls and toys are the basic requirements with an immediate impact on your finances. Then there are the vaccinations, vets bills or higher insurance premiums to deal with. What would happen if both dogs developed conditions requiring prolonged veterinary treatment? Could you afford to care for both of them?

Once you’ve set the calculator aside, you can start to look closely at the social impact of bringing home No2. On the plus side, another dog will bring comfort to his new pal. If they aren’t too busy fighting it out for supremacy, adding another dog may cure the anxiety issues associated with being left alone and make your pet’s life a whole lot happier.

Remember though that dogs are pack animals and every pack must decide on a leader. If you do get as far as selecting another potential playmate, why not arrange for the two to meet on neutral territory to see how they interact?

Take out a pen and paper because you may well need it as you bear the finer points in mind. Will he or she be the opposite sex to your dog? Will they need spaying or neutering? Will you have room in the car for another dog? And of course, which breed will fit your lifestyle?

It may appear to be an endless list of questions but, as anyone with two or more dogs knows, you don’t need two heads to figure out that you’ll get twice the love and double the fun with a new face around the place.

23 September 2014

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