Our pets love their Hilife - we hope yours do to!


Top dog friendly holiday rentals for your summer break

The summer holidays have officially started, and whether you’re planning a last-minute getaway or looking ahead to autumn, the UK has plenty to offer. Of course, finding somewhere with activities for all the family is essential – and for many of us, this includes our pooches too!

These days, we don’t have to stick to camping when travelling with our doggo in tow, although this is still one of our favourite things to do. From luxury hotels offering canine treats on arrival and a comfortable bed to snooze in, to pubs that welcome dogs with the muddiest of paws and beaches where our little friends can run and run, we may be spoiled for choice. Below, are just a few of our favourites but we’d love to hear yours – and see your pictures too.

Preparing for the journey

Travelling can be a stressful time for our dogs, and some suffer from motion sickness or get anxious about the change in surroundings. On long journeys, we should ensure we take regular breaks, allowing them to run around, go to the toilet, eat and drink. We also find it helps to take along our dog’s favourite blanket, with its familiar smells.

Running on the beach in North Devon

North Devon is a doggy paradise, and with miles of shoreline open most of the year, our pooches will love running across the golden sands or paddling out in the shallow waters. In the summer, there are some restrictions on the beaches, but this may just mean keeping our furry travellers on a lead and making sure they are well behaved – which we know they will be. There are plenty of dog friendly cottages in the area, so we’re bound to find the perfect beachside location.

Explore the best doggy friendly cottages around Devon here.

A walk through nature in Keldy

If we’re not looking for a seaside holiday, then we can get closer to nature with a trip to North Yorkshire. Our dogs can spend the day walking with us across the nearby moors, through the forests and exploring the ruins that dot the landscape. Afterwards, they’ll be able to curl up in front of a log fire and fall asleep.

Spend a weekend in the trees with Keldy’s pup friendly cottages and tree houses.

Hiking across the Peak District

For the pets that want a bit more action in their holiday, or the ones that want to work hard for their treats, a stay in the Peak District is just paw-fect. There are hills and valleys for dogs of all ages and fitness levels to explore, and no shortage of charming villages with country pubs, perfect for us to relax in after all of the walking and exploring.

Discover the Peak District with your furry friend in some of the best canine cottages.

A luxury stay in the Lake District

The Lake District is a world-famous National Park, offering walking and cycling trails, annual events and parks full of activities close by, we are sure our pets will love it too. With seven luxury dog friendly hotels around the area, you certainly don’t have to slum it when you stay here. Each hotel offers its own dog beds, bowls and doggy cake on arrival to make sure our pups are treated like royalty when they come back from their long day of walking.

Visit the Lake District and stay in comfort with expert dog care hotels.

So, here’s wishing you a very safe and happy holiday. Don’t forget to send us a postcard.

20 August 2018

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