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Dog Date Afternoon

Doggy dating, what’s it all about then?

We’re getting all loved up this Valentine’s Day. We love dogs and we love romance, so when we first heard about doggy dating we had to investigate. Don’t lie, you have visions of Lady and the Tramp at a classy Italian joint sharing a bowl of spaghetti while looking at each other with a doe-eyed expression – we did.

Well it turns out that you’re not too far off. Not only is the new dating craze for dog owners, it’s for dogs too. After all, why shouldn’t they fall in love?

Much like modern dating sites, you can download an app or visit a website and ‘start crushing’ as, Voof, a location based dating app, promises. So we had a dig around (pun intended) and here are some of the best ones out there:

What we loved about Voof is the humorous imagery (two crossed bones for a no and a heart shaped paw print for yes). It was also very simple and fun to use.

The idea is quite simple; sign in with Facebook, filter by dog breed, user age and distance and bingo! It also has the extra feature of ‘Say Voof’ – which we think (hope) means hello, to anyone who catches your eye without actually being a match. If a crush is mutual, then you can chat in private and take it from there.

Twindog (the new Tindog)
Tindog, a hilarious play on the word Tinder – very good and extra kudos for that, has actually changed to Twindog, so don’t be puzzled if you search for the Tindog app and get it under its new name. This is a format many will be familiar with. Much like Tinder you can see images that include a larger image and a smaller profile picture and like or swipe to your heart’s content.

This allows you to include an image of you and the dog and is for both of you. We have had a play with this and it seems that although it can be used for dating, it’s actually just a nice way to meet dog owners in your area. It’s also a great one for couples looking for other couples to walk their dogs with.

‘Every dog has their date’ is their strapline, which of course we loved. This works more like an online community where you say the sexes of you and the dog owner you would like to meet and the age range of the dogs, which we thought was an unusual specification as the first search, but we went with it anyway.

Doggydate is an online community so it’s a chance to meet likeminded owners, share recipes, seek out breeding partners or just another dog to chase a ball around with.

Sadly there was no one online when we had a look, but if you’ve used this site or have any good doggy dating app tales please let us know at facebook.com/hilifedog or @HiLifeDog – we love a good ‘how we met’ story!

10 February 2016

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