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Crazy for Cockapoos

It’s hard not to love a dog that’s so soft and fluffy, you could cuddle it for hours, but, Cockapoos are just that, a soft fluffy friend and a great companion. Known for their sensitive and friendly nature, Cockapoos are a great breed for anybody looking for a loyal friend.

There is a lot more to a Cockapoo than just being a cute ball of fur so why not get to know the breed with this quick guide:

What is a Cockapoo?

The Cockapoo was first bred in the 1960s and as the name suggests, Cockapoos are a mixed-breed dog between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. The British Cockapoo Society detail the different types of Cockapoo breed and the purest type of Cockapoo is an F1 cross, where the puppy is the first Cockapoo to come from the parents.


The Cockapoo is known for being a friendly dog. They are extremely intelligent and easy to train. First bred to be a companion dog, they combine the affectionate nature of the Cocker Spaniel and the intelligence of a Poodle, so they are the perfect combination for families. For such an intelligent dog, Cockapoos can get bored quickly, which means that daily play time is a great idea to stimulate their minds. As the Cockapoo Owners Club explain, Cockapoos are very active and like to be outside and let off the lead to roam and explore.

Their calm and sensitive nature makes them very empathetic to people, they seem to show an awareness when you’re sad, and they’re the perfect antidote to your blues. Their temperament would make them great therapy dogs. So, if you have a Cockapoo and think they could please others as much as you, then you could consider applying for them to be a HiLife PAT Dog of the Year, they’re proven winners as well, like last years top dog, Bilbo Baggins.

How to entertain your fluffy friend:

Cockapoos love play time and as we mentioned earlier being as intelligent as they are, they tend to bore easily. Teaching your dog simple tricks like roll over and a paw shake can not only entertain you and your pup, but also create a great bond and trust between the two of you.

Why not test their intelligence? Hiding food or treats in treat balls is another way to keep them occupied, but only for as long as it takes them to crack the puzzle and manage to get the treat out of the hole. Or for those summer months, why not freeze some treats in ice and watch as your playful pup tries to get to the prize.

Cockapoo Convenience:

One of the biggest benefits of owning a Cockapoo is that their fur is hypoallergenic and hardly sheds, which is perfect if you or your family are affected by allergies. Dogtime gives Cockapoos a 5 star rating for their relationships and reactions to people, and their behavior around them, especially children. They usually live between 14 and 18 years, so you will have a little best friend for years to come!

If you have a Cockapoo, we’d love to see your pictures or hear your stories about your pooch. Send us your photos and let us know your experiences on Facebook and on Twitter.

18 April 2017

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