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Complete dog food that ticks all the boxes!

Walk down the dog food aisle at your local supermarket or pet store and you may feel a little overwhelmed by the choice on offer. Wet or dry, complete or complementary – it can be difficult to know what is best for your pooch, especially if you’re a new owner.

For many owners, a complete food is the most convenient option because it has been formulated to include all the nutrients your dog needs. The best varieties have high meat content and are balanced with other ingredients such as vegetables to promote healthy digestion.

The decision on whether to choose wet, dry or semi-moist is completely up to you (and your dog of course!). Dry and semi-moist dog food has many advantages, including the fact that it is easy to clean up spills and keep your kitchen floor sparkling. However, if you go for dry it is important to give your dog a good supply of water so they do not become dehydrated. Some dogs are reluctant to drink from a water bowl and if this is the case with yours, it might be worth switching to a wet or semi-moist variety. Alternatively, you can mix a little water or gravy into dry food; it is really a case of seeing what suits your dog’s taste. More information and tips can be found on the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association website.

While complete dog food is nutritionally balanced, it is important to pay attention to portions. The amount of food a dog needs at meal times depends on factors such as age, size, breed and level of activity so follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. If you need further nutritional advice, it is worth having a chat with your vet.

When you’re next out shopping, look out for our complete Nature’s Essentials range, which includes delicious recipes such as chicken, lamb or tuna with rice and vegetables. We’re very proud of the fact that they are free of artificial additives or many of the other ingredients that are known to cause allergies in our doggy friends.

HiLife’s Nature’s Essentials is on sale at Pets At Home, and independent pet stores. You will also find details for them in our product section. 

17 May 2016

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