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A tribute to Beagles

We are not biased, we love all dogs, but there is a special place in our hearts for those handsome Beagles. With their long soft floppy ears and smooth coats they are perfect to cuddle and play with! These lively and friendly breeds are great as a family pet and let’s face it so cute when they are young. Here are some fun facts about Beagles:

A tail of true Beagles
Did you know that if the tip of a Beagle’s tail isn’t white then they are not considered a true Beagle? This white tip has been selectively bred into the pooch to make it visible when its nose is to the ground (the tail sticks up when it is actively following a scent).

Famous Beagles
Did you know that Snoopy from the much-loved cartoon Peanuts is a Beagle? (If you are a fan of Snoopy, check out our blog, detailing how we were chosen by movie giant, Twentieth Century Fox, to help promote 'Snoopy & Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie'). Grumpy lasagna-loving Garfield the cat also has a love-hate relationship with the adorable slobbery Odie, also a Beagle and Beagles have been well represented in many movies and TV shows such as The Royal Tenbaums, The Wonder Years, Star Trek: Enterprise, The Monster Squad and even Eastenders.

Strong sense of smell
Ever the wanderers by nature because of their highly developed sense of smell, Beagles have been known to have 220 million scent receptors. These are the cells used for smelling that are concentrated in a relatively small area at the back of the nose. By comparison humans have a mere five million! This strong sense of smell contributes to their highly skilled way of hunting, for everything from rabbits and fish to birds.

They used to be really little
We love this! Did you know that the earliest Beagles, were so small you could fit them in your pocket? It wasn’t until much later that they were bred into the big hunting hounds we know in the modern world.

Beagles can be really noisy, often barking and howling. The word Beagle comes from the French 'bee gueule,' meaning 'wide throat,' or when put more gently 'loudmouth’.

Do you have a Beagle? We’d love to see some pics or even hear some more fun facts about them. Share them with us on facebook.com or Twitter.  There are lots more Beagle facts online, we liked We Love Beagles and Pawed In.

8 November 2016

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