Our pets love their Hilife - we hope yours do to!


A Ter-ruffic Start to the Day!

What a lovely start to the day to find we have received a great review for our NEW HiLife FEED ME! Something Special range of semi moist dogfoods.

Dog Training Weekly featured a review our HiLife FEED ME! Something Special and said the following...

Facing a Yorkie that was incredibly fussy, and an owner that had said she would like to find anything that she would willingly eat, Carley Phillips tried her on HiLife FEED ME! Something Special. She said “the Yorkie concerned (Poppy) did indeed enjoy the product and ate every scrap over the two weeks she was here. I understand she was fed a high quality kibble previous to this, but I guess she really enjoyed the moist type of food”. “The owner went off with the last of the second bag, very happy yesterday, and said she would not only buy more of the same, but would look into the whole range of moist foods this company produces. Definitely a satisfied customer there!

7 October 2014

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