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A Game of Cat and... Owner

Everyone loves playing with dogs, they jump, they can catch, they can run after a ball, they can even go swimming. But what about cats? They get such a rough deal when it comes to being ‘fun’ but it’s true, you can play with cats too, and have a really fun time doing it.

Play can help with young kittens’ physical development and coordination and as they grow older they go from playing with their siblings to directing their attention towards objects, which they can chase, pounce on, grasp and bite.

Not only can playing with your cat relieve boredom for the both of you, it can also provide exercise, which just like humans, helps to keep them fit and healthy.

Here are a few simple ideas on how you can enjoy your cat’s company:

Get out the toy box
Just like young children and young-at-heart adults, cats enjoy playing with toys. Pet stores sell the usual cat toys from balls to artificial mice but you can also save money and use household items such as cardboard boxes and balls of wool – making sure to avoid any small attachments that cats could swallow. If you’re playing ‘hide the object’ allow your cat to have the object at the end of a game

Hide and seek
Being a big kid is fun, and what could be more fun than playing hide and seek with your much-loved cat? All you need is somewhere to hide – large boxes are fab as cats love to pounce in and out of them.

It’s not just dogs who can be trained. Cats are very entertaining when it comes to tricks and they love it even more than you do. Remember to keep it light hearted and fun and never force them to do anything they don’t want to do.

Your cat loves a good scratch and it is really therapeutic for you to sit in front of the TV and just have a good old one-on-one time with your cat. This is especially great after a hard day at work or school!

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24 February 2016

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