Our pets love their Hilife - we hope yours do to!


40 great reasons for having a pet

It’s our 40th anniversary this year and, as part of the celebrations, we asked our social media friends and followers to help us compile the 40 best reasons for having a pet.

So, as Ant and Dec would say… In no particular order:

• Unconditional love
• Snuggles on the sofa
• They always make you smile, even if you’re down
• My cats make me laugh – a lot! Especially when they’re playing
• A warm furry hot water bottle at night
• They reduce stress
• They lower your blood pressure
• I adore listening to my cat’s purr
• Dogs are known to be able to detect cancer
• You always get an amazing welcome home!
• Dogs are great for making you exercise
• Walking the dog helps you make new friends
• Cuddles with my cat under the duvet
• I love playing games with my dog. He’s bonkers!
• They don’t judge your mistakes
• A friend through thick and thin
• You can tell them your secrets and they won’t breathe a word
• They are all such great characters
• They bring out your kind side
• Cats make the world a better place
• They don’t try and control the remote
• They don’t ‘un-follow’ you
• They make you feel like the most important person in the world
• Dogs can comfort children with autism
• My cat stays warm in the winter – unlike my hot water bottle
• My dog makes me feel secure
• I love to lounge in the sun with my cat
• You always have someone to talk to
• The wet nose kiss my cat gives me when he knows I’m upset
• Having my cat curled up next to me is the best thing in life
• I love the mystic side of cats. They are very spiritual creatures
• They don’t care how rough you look!
• They will always be there for you in the hard times
• I love to watch my dog dreaming. It’s hilarious!
• My dog is my leftover food bin
• My dog is an excuse for any weird noises I might make…
• My dog was easier to train than my husband
• I love the fact that I’m my cat’s very own doormat
• They ‘hoover up’ any dropped crumbs
• I don’t have to bark at the postman anymore! (We hope this is a dog       owner…)

So there you have it. Dogs and cats are awesome. Our thanks to everyone who contributed.

17 June 2014

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