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Here’s a list of the questions we get asked the most, with our answers below. Just click on a question and the response will appear below it.

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Where can I buy HiLife pet food?

You can buy HiLife pet foods on the high street in supermarkets, grocers, pet shops and also online. 

Visit our SHOP pages to find out who stocks your favourite HiLife foods and treats. Click on ‘Buy Me’ to find an online retailer who stocks the product you’re looking for or Click on ‘More info’ to see a list of high street stockists.

Please note, each retailer makes their own decisions about which stores will stock each product.

Is HiLife a British company?


Town & Country Petfoods Ltd, owner of the HiLife pet food brand, is a pet-loving, family-run business based in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. Established in 1974, by John Parkinson, a Yorkshireman and entrepreneur, the business originally supplied own label pet foods to the supermarkets of the day before buying the HiLife brand from our largest customer, Boots the Chemist.

More than 40 years later, the company is owned and run by the next generation of The Parkinson family with an enthusiastic and supportive team who continue to source products from factories around the world. To this day we continue to meet John’s original values of honesty, innovation and quality. 

Over the years our retail sales value has grown to more than £40 million and we now supply assorted ranges to our customers through all major UK supermarkets, the pet specialist trade, online and other independent retailers.

Where does HiLife manufacture pet food?

We currently source our pet food from the UK, Europe and the Far East but are constantly looking for interesting new ingredients and innovative new production techniques. All factories we use fully comply with UK and EU requirements. 

We are confident in the ability of our suppliers to provide safe, nutritious and palatable pet food irrespective of the country of manufacture and to ensure this, all factories producing for HiLife are inspected annually by third party independent auditors to internationally recognised standards.  Our own Technical and Commercial teams also regularly visit our factories with whom we build long term relationships.

Where can I buy HiLife Pets Pantry dog food and HiLife Pets Pantry cat food?

Our HiLife Pets Pantry range is generally available in Discount shops. Recently, some of our customers have been buying the range from Poundworld but unfortunately, as Poundworld is now in Administration, we are unable to supply them with any further product.

Please check our SHOP pages to find alternative stockists which – depending on the product you are looking for - will include, Poundland, B&M, Home Bargains, Poundstretcher, Fulton Foods and for some products, an online option with Hi House.


Is HiLife Spoil Me! dog food being discontinued?

Spoil Me! was our flagship natural dog food range when it launched in 2012. You may have not have noticed but the phrase It’s only natural has always appeared on the front of Spoil Me! packs. 

We are now proud to introduce our new range, HiLife It’s only natural which is the successor to the Spoil Me! brand. This entirely natural, grain free range is available in stores throughout the UK. It has new packaging featuring a gorgeous new HiLife dog, so it’s easy to find on the shelf. All of the recipes are full of natural ingredients, and include no nasty artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. They are free from GMOs and soya, with no bulking agents or fillers.

Supplies of some Spoil Me! recipes are still available from ASDA and Amazon.

Please will HiLife support my charity event?

We care deeply about the welfare of animals and we'd love to be able to help every registered charity that's assisting them. However, the number of requests we receive for donations has increased to such an extent that we've decided to concentrate our support on two national charities and on charity events in our local community.

We're proud to say our nominated national charities are Pets as Therapy (PAT) and Cat Chat

PAT is a community based charity providing therapeutic visits to hospitals, hospices, prisons, care homes, schools and more. Every week amazing PAT volunteers bring comfort and companionship to thousands of people by giving them the opportunity to stroke, hold and talk to one of these calm and friendly dogs and cats.

Cat Chat is a web-based registered charity finding new loving homes across the UK and Ireland for 8,000 unwanted and abandoned cats in rescue shelters and vets practices every year. They're a rehoming lifeline, working to raise the profile of rescued cats and to make adoption the best option.

We hope you understand why we can't sponsor your event or charity and we wish you every success.

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