Pets Pantry From HiLife

Retriever Roll 1 Chew

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Pets Pantry from HiLife chews are not only highly digestible and fun to use, they also encourage your dog to look after his own dental health.

This product is a complementary food for dogs

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Use as a treat or training aid as often as required. These chews should not be fed to puppies under 9 months (smaller breeds) or 6 months (larger breeds). Never leave your dog unattended with any toys, treats or chews. Do not feed on carpets or other stainable surfaces. Always ensure your dog has access to plenty of fresh drinking water. 


Rawhide (100%)

Analytical Constituents:

Protein 81.5%, Fat Content 0.4%, Crude Fibres 1.0%, Inorganic Matter 2.9%.

Anthony - May 2017

I have two Newfoundland Pups Dogs 6 Month old, and they love them and they don't cause any poo problems or problems with the dogs trying to swallow hard bitten off bits like the cigar hard chews, I stopped giving to my previous Newfs that sort of chew as they had that type of problem. I notice the dogs use the front and back teeth when chewing these, so that will be cleaing the back teeth as well.

I have had 9 newfs and never had any teeth problems, but then again I NEVER give any sweets or biscuits to them so no bad breath either.  I think these chews will help to keep them stain free.

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