Our pets love their Hilife - we hope yours do to!

Family Favourites

Here's a whole range of our best-loved recipes, the ones we know your dogs enjoy time and time again. It’s what makes them HiLife Family Favourites.

You’ll find our most popular complete dog food, HiLife FEED ME!. It has a unique semi-moist kibble, offering a softer mouthfeel. This moist and meaty dish tastes great, but also avoids mess!

In our Family Favourites treats there are all sorts of tastes and textures to tickle your dog’s taste buds. From Succulent Sausages to Poppin Chicken, you’re sure to find the right reward or training treat to suit your needs.

Our featured Special Care Dental Chews in Spearmint flavour are also helping to keep malodorous dog breath at bay across the nation! They can reduce tartar build-up, helping keep teeth clean and providing minty fresh breath for your dog.

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