Our pets love their Hilife - we hope yours do to!

Cat Food

We love how particular our cats are. As carnivores through and through, they pay close attention to the quality of the cat food they eat. They know just what they like and how they like it!

HiLife cat food is tasty because it's made with HiLife high quality ingredients. We use a selection of chicken, beef, turkey, duck, tuna and seafood in our recipes. They are made into delicious and nutritious recipes that  are sure to please even the fussiest feline - or so you tell us! :)

Across our HiLife range, you'll find complete meals, complementary dishes and treats for your cat to enjoy. 

Our HiLife Ranges

It's only natural

If you're looking for the best in natural cat food, you'll love our new HiLife It's only natural ranges. They're made from entirely natural ingredients, with no nasty additives or preservatives.

With tempting recipes like Tuna loin with shrimp, Chicken breast with duck and Oceanfish with salmon, they're already a big hit with our nation's cat community.

Not forgetting the HiLife natural treats that cats go absolutely crazy for - with 100% pure chicken breast or duck breast.

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Family Favourites

We've got a fish dish and a meaty medley in our HiLife Family Favourites range that can cater to your cat's every whim! 

Here's our classic collection of tried and trusted recipes that will have them purring as you open every pouch.

It features our Essentials wet cat food, Tempt Me! treats! and HiLife Tempt Me!, our unique semi-moist cat food. This soft and succulent kibble is also Grain Free.

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Value First

Our HiLife Value First range is a small but purrfectly formed collection of HiLife cat food recipes.

We've created tasty dishes that are friendly on your pocket. They offer great value to savvy shoppers, with HiLife high quality ingredients.

These simple and delicious dinners are only on sale through discount outlets.

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