Our pets love their Hilife - we hope yours do to!


As pet owners, we understand the positive effect of sharing time with cats and dogs. You can’t beat the simple joy of hearing a cat purring or seeing a dog wagging its tail!

It’s part of the reason we began supporting the charity Pets as Therapy (PAT) over 12 years ago.  The group has a network of around 6,000 dedicated volunteers that share their time and wonderful pets with people in need. Together, they bring happiness, comfort and companionship to many who appreciate being able to touch and stroke a friendly animal.

We’re proud of our long association with Pets As Therapy and this great video explains the valuable work they do in local communities, visiting residential homes, hospitals, hospices, schools, day care centres and prisons.

HiLife Pat Dog of the Year

To celebrate the brilliant work by all the PAT volunteers and their dogs, we sponsor the HiLife PAT Dog of the Year competition.

Entries are submitted through Yours Magazine, where readers can vote for their favourite. All the finalists appear at the prestigious Crufts Dog Show, where the public can meet them too. The winning pair receives a rosette, sash, cheque and selection of HiLife dog food and dog chews.

For more details of this year's worthy winner, why not head over to our blog

Cat Chat

Because we love cats just as much as dogs, we also work alongside national charity Cat Chat

Cat Chat provides free help to rehoming groups, cat rescue shelters and vets practices that want to share information about cats needing new homes. The charity sets up a page, hosts it and promotes it on the their website at no cost to the cat rescue groups.

The Cat Chat website currently sources homes for over 8,000 cats every year across the UK and Ireland.

'Overlooked cats'

The charity also touched our hearts with their cause to rehome rescued cats that have been abandoned or given up. 

For the last four years we have been delighted to help them with the overlooked cats section of their website. Most shelters find they have a few cats that stay in care for months or even years. They may be elderly, have a medical condition, be very shy, or are simply passed by in favour of prettier or younger cats. We’re delighted that this section has been very successful in finding new homes for many cats, some of whom had almost given up hope.

If it’s the right time to welcome a new cat into your family, we hope you’ll take a look at Cat Chat’s site.

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